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Desert Dry Insulation Work is an ISO-certified company steel structure erection solution for the installation of steel structures and cladding in UAE. As Steel Structure Erection subcontractor in the UAE market to fulfill high demand and requirements for a high quality, prompt, and also effective steel erection company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Al Ain & UAE. From its presence, we have gladly procured the trust of our significant clients in the new year through qualified and proficient staff and work, best quality products,s, and extraordinary administrations, serious costs, meeting clients’ necessities, and excellent task cutoff times. At the day’s end, everything revolves around your undertaking needs

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Sub-Contractor of Steel Structure Erection in UAE

Desert Dry Insulation Work is a trusted Steel Erection Company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. work as a main contractor and subcontractor.  We provide a complete, integrated solution for clients, including Steel erection and waterproofing services. We utilize a profoundly qualified and experienced team capable of installing up to 5,000 tonnes of structural steel per month. Our team has extensive field experience and training, allowing us to handle any project, big or small, with professional ease.

Steel Structure Fabrication & Installation

The Desert Dry Insulation Work team takes the time to plan everything from material delivery, material handling, assembly, and installation. We work hard to be a trustworthy Steel Erection Company in UAE that you can trust. Our experienced team works and industry experts to ensure that our design and installation are customized to match your project requirements as well as site structure and conditions, equipment, workforce, etc. Our innovative erection solutions ideas are optimized to reduce cost, time, and safety and are reputed for their stability and appearance. We use high-tech tools and techniques to ensure the safety and quality of your Steel Erection Projects. Our Steel erection process includes: Working with Desert Dry Insulation work means you get the support of one of the leading expert Steel Erection Companies in the UAE. We uphold a safety culture and ensure that our Steel Erection practices in the UAE are standard-complaint and failsafe. The steel fabrication process is long and complex. Our company employs the best tools and equipment to deliver various steel erection services with precision and authority.

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Steel Structure Erection Method Statement

At Desert Dry Insulation Work, we use our vast knowledge base and steel expertise to help make your vision come to life. We have undertaken Commercial & Industrial projects of all sizes in the steel erecting and structural steelwork industry since 2014. We are committed to working alongside you to deliver end-to-end services for all building projects, providing a full range of Steel Construction & Erection Services and catering to your every need. Installation of Structural Steel for industrial and commercial buildings has been a core focus and business of the company since its creation in 2014. The repute of Desert Dry insulation Work is affirmed by the successful completion of all projects on time, to budget, and to the highest quality & safety procedures expected of a structural steel company.

​Desert Dry Insulation Work or method involved in the industrial erection of either structural steel, pipelines, equipment erection, etc. covers activities as follows:
(1) Designing of temporary supports and scaffoldings;
(2) Preparation of method statement as per design;
(3) Preparation of detailed erection drawings using advanced software like TEKLA;
(4) Conducting safety and quality meeting for skilled and non-skilled workers as per project safety policy and quality policy;
(5) Supply of calibrated lifting equipment and tools required as per site conditions and schedule;
(6) Erection;
(7) Align erected members and torque bolts;
(8) Fixing of claddings, flashings, and gutter;
(9) Touchup Painting

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Desert Dry Insulation Work Range of Steel Erection Capabilities.

All these activities are monitored and controlled by skilled and experienced team leaders with the highest level of safety. Since the formation of Desert Dry Insulation works as a Steel Erection company in Abu Dhabi, Desert Dry Insulation’s work as a Steel structure erection subcontractor in Abu Dhabi has developed an excellent reputation and strong presence as one of the region’s premier steel fabricators and erectors. Our research and development team is striving to deliver the best solution in the steel industry.
DDI’s range of erection capabilities includes all kinds of steel structures (low, medium, and high complexity) such as:

Warehouses and distribution centers
Office complexes
Airplane hangars
Airport structures
Showrooms and production facilities
Shopping centers
Power plants
High rise buildings
Oil and Gas Structures

Steel Structure Health & Safety

There has been a continuous effort to provide customers with the most efficient, effective, and safest full-service steel construction. Furthermore, by utilizing the abilities and knowledge of our existing employees, Desert Dry Insulation Work can successfully perform any size project and provide clients with premier construction resources. No matter the size, complexity, or location of your project, DDI’s can provide you with the personalized service, reliability, and quality construction you deserve. Our Steel erection team comprises highly qualified, trained, and professionals who have carried out a large variety of projects for various companies in the UAE region. Our in-house safety team ensures that we have all of the latest in safety equipment and are compliant with OSHA regulations.

Steel Erectoin and Structure Contractor in UAE Abu Dhabi
Steel Erection Quality and Management

The erection team is well monitored by our engineering, plant, and project management to execute the planned erection as per the schedule. Our goal is to provide a safe, efficient, quality service to all our customers across the structural steelwork industry. Prior to the start of erection activities at the site, a specific erection plan and method statement is developed during one or more pre-construction conferences and site inspections involving Desert Dry Insulation Work, the controlling contractor, and others such as the project engineer and consultant. Desert Dry Insulation Work is here to assist you with hitting the nail on the head, on time, and inside spending plans. Call us today and we will make your venture a triumph.

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