About Us

Desert Dry Insulation (DDI) Work is one of the marvelous companies with its principle the sole objective of serving the needs of Spray Polyurethane Foam (S.P.F) Roofing systems, floor coating screening work to our individual customers at valued prices in its own individuality. DDI claims at fulfilling the waterproofing gap through the application of total quality art of waterproofing. The company offers its customers a new vision of quality waterproofing solutions. We have an authentic track record since company launches, a survey in U.A.E with complete enthusiastic passion. We always prefer total quality sources in all aspects. We are also having a field force that meets the international standard. DDI’s extensive experience provides quality waterproofing services to commercial, industrial and residential customers. A waterproofing company and contractor provides a wide range of services to the construction industry such as waterproofing systems, thermal insulation, concrete repair technologies, Combo system, Cladding on Polyurethane Spray Coating(Heat resistant & Waterproofing), Structural Strengthening & Concrete Repair Protection, Wet Area Waterproofing, Membrance system, Underwater tank GRP lamination, Basement, Lifts, and Swimming Pool Waterproofing, Epoxy Flooring & Line Marking for car parks and industries, expansion joint treatment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a strategic partner for performance improvement of the business and individuals by providing superior services that are innovative, result-oriented, and cost-effective. Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.

Quality Policy

Desert Dry Insulation Work is committed to operating every aspect of the business to those standards that offer the highest possible quality of service to all clients. This is supported by a progressive management style that encourages the quality of culture throughout the company.