Mosques Combo Roof System

Complete Waterproofing Solution UAE

Mosque Combo Roof System desert Dry Insualtion

Mosque Combo Roof System desert Dry Insulation

Mosques Combo roofing is perfect for the stop water leakage and thermal resistance. Combo roof system is approved waterproofing system in Abu Dhabi, Dubai , Sharjah and all over UAE.  Combo roofing system have 7 protective layer which will completely insulate the surface.  Desert Dry Insulation work providing 25 years supplier warranty on this Combo Roofing System

Combo Roof System DDI

Combo Roof System DDI

  • Stage 1 : Application of PU Foam 
  • Stage 2 : Application RBE Coating
  • Stage 3 : Flood Test
  • Stage 4 : Geotextile layer
  • Stage 5 : Ridges
  • Stage 6 : Screed Laying and Leveling
  • Stage 7 : Angle Fillet
  • Stage 8 : Backing Rod And Sealant
  • Stage 9 : Final Coat

Combo Roof System Waterproofing Company in Abu Dhabi UAE