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PU (Polyurethane) injection Waterproofing Company in Abu Dhabi Dubai Alain UAE

PU Injection waterproofing and Injected grouting are normally used to waterproof a basement, Roof, Wall, or any tank to fix spills. These holes happen while the waterproofing applied has fizzled, And it can not be gotten to in light of the fact that they’re on the contrary feature of the mass of the basement, and consequently, the design is as of now finished. polyurethane injection arrangement includes infusing grout on the substantial surface with a strain grouting machine to scale back cracks, voids, and honeycomb regions. Desert Dry Insulation is one of the most amazing Waterproofing company in Abu Dhabi Dubai Alain And UAE giving total answers for PU injection or Polyurethane injection. We have an exceptionally proficient and experienced group, Who has 15 years experience of in Waterproofing and they are extremely proficient and focused on giving the best answer for our clients in the UAE locale.

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What are Polyurethane Grouting and PU Injection?

PU grouting is a specific procedure that includes the injection of growing polyurethane to stop any water streaming down or through cracks or to make up for shortfalls under sections, substantial joints, or behind substantial walls and joints. This technique is exceptionally helpful and viable when utilized on the underside or negative side of the water drainage, for instance, from the underside of the spilling walls or the lower floor roof for issues including upper and lower floor neighbors or in between floor water spillages. A pre-penetrated opening will be ready on the underside of the roof, and the PU grout will be injected utilizing low/high tension. The grout will then extend to completely make up for up the shortcoming, crack, or space that is brought about by the water harm. This PU injection can be utilized for substantial cracks or development joints that are effectively spilling. Desert Dry Insulation work has done numerous PU Injection projects in Lodgings, Schools, Colleges, structures, and resorts in UAE. Our group is skilled do too few measurements, medium sizes, and huge-size projects effortlessly.

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Strategy for Polyurethane Injection or PU grouting Waterproofing in UAE

Cleaning assists the specialist with checking and breaking down the area and deciding the area and dispersing the openings. It additionally eliminates mineral stores left from the water spillage.
To infuse the sap into the crack, boring is an essential interaction for injection openings. The point while boring ought to be 45 degrees or less towards around 2/3 of the construction’s thickness. There ought to be a 20 cm to 30 cm penetrating space between the openings.
Embed Packers
The professional will put a grouting spout injection packer in the penetrated opening. They will likewise fix it with an extraordinary hexagon wrench, leaving no hole between the spout and the penetrating opening for the water to spill into.
Crease Cleaning
Utilizing a high-pressure cleaning machine, the specialist will infuse clean water into the mechanical packers at the strain of 6Mpa, to clean the residue in the crease of the area.
Fixing Cracks
The outer layer of the spilling cracks is fixed with a concrete-based waterproof material during the washing stage so the polyurethane won’t leak out.
Grouting & Polyurethane Injecting
Utilizing a high-pressure PU injection grouting machine, the professional will infuse the polyurethane into the opening. They will lift the grouting machine base up and begin infusing the tar with each opening in turn.
Eliminating the Packers
Subsequent to grouting, the grouting spout will be taken out by the specialist in the event that there is no more spillage and they will continue to tidy up the water system liquid that might have spilled and cemented.
The professional will then, at that point, fix and seal the injected region of the substance with concrete-based waterproof material.
To completely sustain the region, the expert will cover the grouting region with a solitary part waterproof material, with a 10-20 cm width and 20-30 cm length at the two finishes.


Polyurethane Injection grouting is a procedure that includes the injection of growing polyurethane to remove water course through substantial joints or cracks or to make up for shortfalls under chunks or behind substantial walls. The grout is injected under low/high tension through a pre-bored opening. The grout then grows to make up for the crack or shortcoming. This PU Grouting is utilized for development joints and substantial cracks that are effectively spilling.

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How Does PU Injection It Respond?

How is the cycle and how can it respond? PU injection grouting is the injection of a fluid grout material into the voids and cracks of the designs, which would solidify and interface the disintegrating surfaces together. The fluid that is applied would extend and make up for the shortcomings of each crack and joint to give it full inclusion and stop water drainage, consequently making the region waterproof. One benefit of doing PU infusing grouting is that in addition to the fact that it is adaptable, the fluid can be injected into regions that are sodden, and that implies that we don’t need to stand by till the areas that are encountering dampness are totally dry prior to taking developments against additional water harm. In this manner, it is a strongly prescribed technique to fix water leakage issues at home.

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